Vanilla Latte - The Grind E Liquid Salts

Vanilla Latte - The Grind E Liquid Salts

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*This product contains very High Nicotine content, not intended for Sub-Ohm use*
Primary Flavors: Coffee, Vanilla, Milk

You love the flavor of bold espresso. Every time it’s offered as an addition to your coffee you jump at the opportunity to taste its bold and percolated flavor. But what’s the best flavor to complement such a strong note of finely ground coffee? Some say chocolate, hazelnut or even as go as wild as blueberry. If you’re the type who prefers to live on the smoother side of life, then it’s vanilla all the way! Adding vanilla to your espresso-infused coffee forms the best taste of both soft and bold worlds. Foamy milk helps spread the warm notes of vanilla throughout the stimulating coffee flavor. This is the exact experience you’ll be blessed with after you take one pull from Vanilla Latte e liquid. The bold coffee notes will hit you like a rich train of flavor while the milk and vanilla collaborate in a smooth unison to take this arabica-powered mist all the way to your lungs. If you thought sipping a vanilla latte provided the energy and taste you needed to keep owning the day, wait until you vape it. The moment this magnificent creation of vapor fills your lungs you’ll be transformed into the super-version of you who can tackle any problem the day places in your path. You’ll conquer anything and you’ll do it with a smooth swagger, making every stride you take seem effortless. Fill your device with Vanilla Latte. You’ll appreciate its bold notes of expertly extracted espresso flavor, soothed by the creamy embrace of foamy milk and warm vanilla. Powerful coffee has never tasted this smooth.

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