Strawberry Pound - Milk By the Pound Salts

Strawberry Pound - Milk By the Pound Salts

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*This product contains very High Nicotine content, not intended for Sub-Ohm use*
Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Cake

Picture this. You just got home from a long day at work. It was a stressful day! You grab a drink, and then you see a beautiful, pink baker’s box on the counter with the words “strawberry pound cake” written on the top. You’re flooded with anticipation of taking a savory bite into that strawberry cheesecake. You pull open the box, only to find that the pound cake is completely gone, left only with a few, measly crumbs. You’re appalled by what you see and pathetically, you reach for a small crumb with your finger and torture yourself for the longing of that decadent, vanilla taste, and strawberry tartness. You may not be able to satisfy your stomach with the richness of that pound cake, but with By the Pound E Liquid, you’ll be able to satisfy your taste buds with that delicious taste of strawberry pound cake. Fresh on the market, By the Pound E Liquid has added a juicy, succulent strawberry flavor. Take a hit off this e liquid and be prepared to be blasted with that tanginess you longed for, followed by a smooth, silky cream whipped into perfection to complete this pound cake mix. You put up with the stress of work every day, why shouldn’t you be allowed to enjoy the flavors of a sweet strawberry pound cake? By the Pound’s Strawberry Pound Cake can be added to your assortment of pound cake flavors. By the Pound delivers quality ingredients, creating bold, enticing flavors that keep you reaching for your mod! If you are already enjoying the sweet flavors of Choco, Peaches and Cream, Lemon Berry and Milk, add this to your assortment of pound cake flavors and continue your quest for that favorite brunch item. Drip Strawberry Pound Cake by By the Pound E Liquid into your tank today!

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