Mochaccino - The Grind E Liquid Salts

Mochaccino - The Grind E Liquid Salts

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Primary Flavors: Coffee, Chocolate, Milk

Two must-haves in your flavor selection have been brilliantly combined in Mochaccino e liquid. You must have coffee to start your day. It’s aromatic essence travels from your nose to your mouth and into your body where it instills the motivation to climb the highest mountains the day places before you. You also must have chocolate because,’s chocolate. This traditional sweet treat flavor extracts the best qualities from the cacao plant to send a rush of endorphins to your brain with every bite, sip or pull. The pulls of chocolate you take are especially important in this e juice. Once you inhale Mochaccino the chocolate soldiers will stomp their way through your mouth into your lungs and set up camp right on your brain. Which is fine by you because who wouldn’t love the taste and feeling of readily-available chocolate any time during their day? The chocolate flavor brings a bold company of strong coffee notes to rekindle your morning love with your steaming cup o’ joe. The best arabica beans are ground to the perfect dust and liquefied in this uplifting dark e juice of inspirational decadence. Your two best friends of flavors have happily merged and brought all of their uniting benefits to you through a delicious mist. Load Mochaccino in your tank and keep up the hard work with the power-packing assistance of bold coffee flavor and the endorphin caressing strokes from smooth milk chocolate.

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