Lemon Puddin’ Pie – Country Clouds Salts

Lemon Puddin’ Pie – Country Clouds Salts

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*This product contains very High Nicotine content, not intended for Sub-Ohm use*
Primary Flavors: Lemon, Pudding, Pie

You’re a dessert fan but a little tired of the bakers competing over who can pour the most sugar in their pies that when you take the first bite you feel a cavity coming on. You’re even more tired of these overly-sweet flavors taking precedence in the available selection of your dessert e liquids. You’ll be relieved to hear that lemon has stepped in to give all that sugar the boot. Sensational sour and zest reign supreme in this flavor by Country Clouds: Lemon Puddin’ Pie E Liquid. If you’ve never had lemon pudding, think of it as that soft and creamy treat that doesn’t put you in a slump with an overbearing amount of sugar, but rather picks you right back up after your meal with a kick of zest. You’re the person who welcomes that powerful pucker of a lemon pie as that tart flavor hits the tip of your tongue. If this describes you, you’ll love the inhale of nicotine salts through golden-baked bread crumbs topped with icing that accompany your favorite sour fruit. Exhale and notice the remaining sweetness that remains with you to balance out your kick of exhilarating lemon juice, still teasing the tip of your tongue. Country Clouds Lemon Puddin’ Pie E Liquid is an expertly-crafted creation of a vape juice that gives you the sour satisfaction of your favorite treat temptation. Order your bottles from Breazy today and add a little kick to your day that’s been baked at the right temperature and topped with irresistible icing.


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