Cappuccino - The Grind E Liquid

Cappuccino - The Grind E Liquid

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Primary Flavors: Coffee, Milk, Chocolate, Cinnamon

The most popular specialty coffee beverage in the world has been captured into a tiny millimeter bottle, waiting to be loaded into your vaping device. Cappuccino e liquid is the smooth embrace of boldly roasted coffee flavor, mixed with foamy milk and powerfully concentrated espresso. As you inhale you’ll feel the power of the espresso’s tiny but mighty presence floating everywhere it can reach within your mouth. The foamy milk stands guard at the back of your throat to coax the bold coffee flavor as it swirls into your lungs. You love to sip your espresso but hate the feeling when that tiny cup is empty. The solution to that was to add it to fresh-brewed coffee and milk to make a larger beverage with the same strong properties. Still, you find the sadness returns every time you get to the bottom of your cup or mug. It grows even larger when you have to pull out your wallet every time you want a refill of this luscious, powerful flavor. Those days are long gone. With just the push of a button, Cappuccino will thrust its mighty, smooth flavor over your coffee-loving palate. No more waiting in lines for the delightful beverage you simply can’t live without. As you’re passing by the infinite line at the local coffee franchise, you can smile while vaping Cappuccino. Its milky smoothness will soothe your desirable taste buds. To top off the flavor you’ll revel in, Cappuccino also induces hints of chocolate and cinnamon to give this flavor a boost over the typical recipes imitated by most coffee chains. Give in to your cravings but do it with the smooth grace provided by the vapor from Cappuccino e liquid.

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