Banana Bread Puddin' - Country Clouds Salts

Banana Bread Puddin' - Country Clouds Salts

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*This product contains very High Nicotine content, not intended for Sub-Ohm use*
Primary Flavors: Banana, Vanilla, Wafer, Pudding

If you're someone who enjoys a good sweet treat, you'll know that it's tough to find dessert blends out there that represent some of the most delicious but understated flavors out there. Banana Bread Puddin' might not be crazy or hip but it's a classic flavor that is so packed with delicious flavor that it really deserves to be put back into the spotlight again. Anyone who has had a good dish of bread pudding will know just how scrumptious that it really is. One of the most staple dessert tastes that you can find in the south, there's a reason why it has lasted the test of time and that people keep coming back to it. It is one of the most effective comfort food blends that will have you wanting to jump for joy. You will instantly remember times where you have had this treat after a supper and felt so full and satisfied that you were ready to lay down at take a cat nap! Country Clouds E Liquid really knows how to recreate the magic of a homemade dessert with their impressive skills and attention to detail. This old school treat is given a new spin with a crisp, crunchy vanilla flavored wafer crust that's filled with a vibrant banana pudding that is as smooth as silk and topped off with a light, fluffy whipped cream. If you could eat this every single day of your life you would, it's too bad that treats like this are so packed with calories. Now with this vape juice blend that will become a worry of the past! You can vape this sweet blend that has the perfect amount of richness as much as you wish with no concerns.

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