Choco - Milk By The Pound E Liquid

Choco - Milk By The Pound E Liquid

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Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Cake, Milk

If you thought that nothing could get better than pound cake, choco by By The Pound E Liquid comes up in the scene and steals the spotlight. You take your classic, delicious vanilla pound cake base and stir in a little bit of cocoa to give it that chocolately flavor that we all obsess over then drizzle it with rich, dark chocolate over top and soak the whole thing in a glass filled with creamy, ice cold milk! Now that's a dessert! Can you imagine if you had one of these in your fridge at all times, you would literally eat as much as you could fit into your stomach. You can have that same delightful feeling without feeling bloated and sick with this wonderfully realistic vape juice blend. By The Pound E Liquid has a reputation for making exceptional quality blends that don't have any gimmicks and get by strictly on how delicious they are. So rich that it is nearly impossible not to find the satisfaction that you have been searching for. All of this in one travel friendly, easy to enjoy bottle of juice! On those days where you're just getting home from a long day at work that was followed by an intense, sweaty workout and the only thing you want is a big slice of cake, you can just pull out your mod, fill your tank and get the exact same feeling that you would get from the real thing without having to negate all of that time and energy you have put into your day. Keep on doing you and reaching all of those goals that you have been striving for while still being able to taste the flavors you enjoy. 


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